Wendover, Nevada

Travel buddy Carol and I didn’t know what to expect – we packed for a predicted February Arctic Blast, and ended up leaving the coats, knit caps, gloves and scarves in the hotel room.

I had old childhood memories of a painted line crossing the road; “Wendover, Nevada” sign on one side, and “Wendover, Utah” sign on the other, a 2-pump gas station and not much else.  The bright Las Vegas style lights and glitz that greeted us as we landed at the Wendover Airport was quite a surprise!

We signed up for the Allegiant $129.00 air charter special from Redding and  3 nights at the Peppermill, complete with various $ off coupons.  What a deal! Check them out at http://www.wendoverfun.com  for dates and prices of upcoming packages.

Our room was spacious and clean.  (Lots of room for all our extra winter clothes!)

We are not serious gamblers, so it was a big surprise when the penny machines actually paid out a little,  giving us an unexpected nice time gambling on their money.  Our “buy one entrée, get another free” coupon at “Pancho and Willie’s Cantina” at the Peppermill was a terrific bargain and one of the best Carne Assada I’ve had.

I think the biggest surprise was the WWII Airbase Tour we took with Bryan Yadon (owner, driver, guide, chief cook and bottle washer) of “Intermountain Guide Service”.  I had forgotten that Wendover was the location of the Enola Gay training facility.

Bryan’s been in the business since he was in his teens, helping with his grandfathers tour business in Utah.  I can’t imagine there is anything he doesn’t know about the area!  We were so fortunate to book him on the spur of the moment.  We were so impressed; we booked his Bonneyville Salt Flats tour for the next day. And next time plan to experience the ATV tours he offers.

The desert has a beauty of it’s own, enhanced by the continuous narration from Brian.

Check out his website at http://www.intermountainguidenevada.com and take advantage of his great knowledge of this area. Seeing the Airbase and hearing the amazing history is a must when you are there. Tell him “Jacque” sent you.

Research and planning ahead is vital, but always be open to last minute opportunities!   We had a great time for few bucks.