Books, books and more books

Never let it be said I can’t take a hint.  When I found the bottom bookshelf had collapsed and sent books scattering across the room, I decided the day had finally come to take control of the situation and thin out my life-long collection of books.

Saying is one thing, doing is a whole ‘nother situation.

Of course, I just couldn’t let my Fairy Tales book go; Arabian Nights, fractured Fairy Tales, Hajji Baba, and all the other classics were my treasures. The ancient color illustrations are a treasure unto themselves.

Then of course, California history collection, “how-to” books, Harry Potter and friends; how does one do without those.  Answer – one doesn’t!

And when it came to my travel books, I can’t even consider letting one go.  From my old favorite classic Mark Twain’s “Innocents Abroad” (tourists never change) to the 1988 “Night Train to Turkistan” and everything in between I love them all.

The Road to Oxyiana (which I haven’t had time to read yet),, “Turkish Reflections” which the New York Times Book Review said “a diverting mixture of travelogue, history, polemic and contemporary portrait” (now, that’s pretty impressive!) the “Golden Road”, and Jill & Leon Uris combined effort of “Jerusalem” ; (it brings back memories of my 1980 trip) wow!  What an experience.  Of course, the “Travelers’ Tales of Mexico is a wonderful memory of 1994 Mexico.  How could I even consider getting rid of my traveling books, (my friends)? When the day comes I cannot actually travel, they will keep the memories alive.

Since absolutely none of my books are expendable, I guess it just means I’m going to have to shore up the shelf.  I guess bricks would work since it’s on the bottom.  Whatever it takes to save my treasures.

In the meantime, I’ll keep adding to my collection, especially those related to travel.  A never-ending source of enjoyment.