San Diego

It’s been over a year since a group of us boarded Amtrak for a trip down to San Diego, and I think it’s just about time we made plans again.  However, time slipped by; the Little Italy Annual Fiesta has come and gone, so we’re going to have to plan for next October.

The weather is perfect in October (isn’t it always – all year-long?) and walking the streets of San Diego is great exercise.  We take time for window shopping, serious shopping, stopping for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and maybe a glass of wine here and there.  It can all be done on our way to India Street where the Italian Festival is in progress, then back to our hotel if our feet hold out.  The trick is – lots of stopping along the way.

Multi booths line India Street for several blocks.  Fresh produce, cheeses, jars of exotic olives, fragrant breads, local wines, all kinds of arts and crafts soon filled the many bags we carried.  What fun!  I spent as much time taking pictures as I did shopping; just too many exciting and colorful sights to ignore.

San Diego is just made for mini and major vacations.  Amtrak goes right into the lovely Mexican tiled Union Station by the waterfront.  There are plenty of options for making our way to our hotel.  Since it was late evening, we opted for a taxis this time.  We stayed in a small boutique-style hotel (nothing small about the price however), but it was in a great location in the Gaslamp District.

The huge Norton Mall was enticing, but the smaller specialty shops even more so.  Glitzy sunglasses, colorful scarfs, artsy greeting cards and lots more filled our shopping bags.  When we were too tired to walk another step, we hopped aboard the ferry for a short trip across the bay to Coronado.  Small-time wannabe sailors tacked their sailboats under the swooping Coronado Bridge and between the enormous gray US Navy ships moving about.  Leaving our ferry, we walked to the historical Hotel del Coronado (known as the Hotel Del by the locals).  We decided to splurge and have lunch on the patio while we watched the white-clad members hit tennis balls back and forth.  What a life!

Too soon time to get back aboard the train to Los Angeles where we changed to the Coast Starlight headed to Redding.  A most relaxing and enjoyable time was had by all!