Win Some, Lose Some – but never give up!

But you’ve got to try; otherwise you’ll never win any, at least that’s my theory.

Seems like travel entails more financial problems than any other, and dealing with them involves repeated phone calls, letters and e-mails, especially when things go wrong.

I’ve recently gone toe to toe with United Airlines over a cancellation situation (a result of their flight change – not mine) in which they refused to refund one ticket out of three purchased.  When I called their refund  (HA!) department I was turned down; I didn’t qualify according to the phone person and her “written in stone” check-off list.  Next step, I wrote to customer service (HA!) – again received a refusal, so I wrote to the Supervisor of Customer Service.  Voila!  Refund check and two $75.00 credit certificates.  I knew I was right, and so did they. Of course the credits are totally useless – complying with all their disclaimers is an impossibility, but they did refund the ticket in full, admitting it was their problem – not mine.

Next situation; really bad situation at a Boutique hotel in Newport Beach.  Pricey hotel, absolutely not as advertised. The counter staff at hotel was no help with tacky room and security problems.  When I got home I wrote a letter to owner/manager.  No answer.  Called him several times, no return call, finally got through to a person with lots of bluster, no concept of the English language and no interest whatsoever in making the situation right.  I gave up on this one, but if he thinks I will refer his hotel, he has another think coming.  He loses.

And the lesson here – don’t give up if you have your facts and know you are right…unless of course you are dealing with someone who speaks with a heavy accent, doing a lot of screaming. and is at the head of the food chain.