Years and Years of Souvenirs

I have hauled more STUFF back; fragile pottery carefully wrapped in my carry-on, crammed in the toes of the shoes in my suitcase and some very awkward pieces balanced on my lap. How do you wrap a donkey piñata from Mexico?  Answer you don’t – you carry it on, place it on your lap where it stays until you get off the plane.

I have some items that cost pennies – like the whirling dervish dancer and musicians from Turkey (I wouldn’t take a hundred dollars for them), and then I have this God-awful ugly vase from China.  It doesn’t match anything in the house, it’s not my style of décor, and it sits in a corner holding peacock feathers, gathering dust.

However, it has a story, and I’m reminded of the day Nancy & I took the ferry from Hong Kong to Macao, then a guided bus tour into China.  The China before the “www. world”.  It was fascinating; buffalo plowing the fields, a Chinese golf course (brown weeds) and a virtually empty department store – Chinese variety.  I bought some Chinese toothpaste, which had the consistency of chewing gum and the unappetizing shade of putty.  Have no idea of the ingredients and maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t!

There were several businessmen along for the ride (they were killing time before their fight back to the US).  One of them bought this humongous vase while on the tour, and couldn’t figure how he was going to get it home, and if he did, what his wife was even going to do with it.  Well, turns out, I was the lucky recipient of his largess.  I carried it home on my lap – too big and fragile for the suitcase.  Anyway, there it sits in the far corner of my house gathering dust and memories.