It’s hard to get there from here

But, it can be done if you’re creative.  Running down the best fare with the best itinerary is sometimes difficult.  No, that’s not right, it’s ALWAYS difficult now.

Airlines change rules and rates like a mother changes a newborn baby.  Constantly.  And they’re sneaky about it too.  Those exorbitant prices for booking over the phone, taking a suitcase (extra or not).  Next they’ll be charging for carry-ons and to use the bathroom.

Anyway, back to getting out of Redding.  More often I’ve been using “First Class Shuttle” to Sacramento.  Eric Vickery, owner sends a van down and back three times a day, Mon-Fri, and twice on weekends. As business grows they will be adding more shuttle times. The rate is now $105.00 round trip.  Unfortunately the accelerating price of gas has hit them hard.  But riding in comfort and safety makes it all worthwhile.  I don’t worry about running off the road because I’m not as alert as I should be after a long miserable flight from Timbuktu.

Southwest Airlines flies from Sacramento to just about anywhere in the United States.  No charge for bags, and no sneaky fees for seat location.  The fight attendants are friendly – and funny at times.  They do their best to make your flight un-memorable!

Give Kim a call 530-605-0137 , or better yet check them out at