Cruising the inland passage from Florida to So. Carolina

Welcoming crew of the American Star

Don’t depend on the weather report – 1st rule of travel.

Cruising up the Inland Passage from Amelia Island, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina was planned for the holidays as the four of us wanted to get away from cold and rainy Redding and since Florida is touted for warm balmy weather, (that’s why everyone retires there – right?) it seemed like a no-brainer.

Well, that was the plan until the coldest, nastiest storm of the century hit the whole East coast.  Undaunted, we just packed heavier jackets and caps, and we were on our way.

Actually, it turns-out, we didn’t pack enough woolies, but we’re tough; shopping and sightseeing were first on our list, but the further north our boat took us past Georgia and S. Carolina coastlines, the chillier it got! And colder, and colder until we caught our flight out – just the day before the airports were closed down because of icy runways.

Nancy came home with pneumonia, Carol and I with colds.  The colds went away pretty fast, but Nancy ended up in the hospital.  She’s all better now, and thinking about our next trip – NOT in the wintertime she stressed.

Our American Cruise Line ship was small, just the right size for docking in the smaller ports like Sapelo Island and Daufuskie, Georgia while gliding through America’s Barrier Islands. However, our cabins were the roomiest I’ve seen on board any cruise line.  The food was local cuisine and top of the line, afternoon cocktail hour was fun (drinks on the house) with the other 50 or so passengers.  Wine at lunch and dinner was included as well.  The ship provided ethnic entertainment and  Joe, the on-board lecturer, who shared his knowledge of the area with informational talks during the week.

Other than the cold, the trip was great and we will travel with American Cruise Lines again, specifically next fall when we cruise up the Hudson River.  I’m not guaranteeing fall leaves or the weather.  I am guaranteeing we’ll have a great time!

Look up American Cruise Line on the internet for more information about their small ships and great itineraries.

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