I’m Going to Cuba!

I think maybe we all have some form of bucket list.  When you shake mine some just keep falling to the bottom because they seem so impossible, or unaffordable (mostly both).

Well, my very fondest wish is going to come true.  I’M GOING TO CUBA!!!! I have always and forever wanted to visit there.  Now, don’t ask me why because none of my answers make sense.  Exotic?  Foreign? A romantic and exciting history?  Lots of places could fill that bill.  Maybe because it was completely out of the question, not within the limits of US allowed travel, and the jungles are probably full of snakes too (the reason that makes the most sense to stay home!).

However, when Vantage  Tours opened up  “The Caribbean Religious and Cultural” tour to the public; approved by the Department of Travel, or whatever department controls my travel plans, I couldn’t wait to book my reservations.

My friend Nancy also has held a long wish to travel there, and was just as happy as I to make plans.

I’ll be keeping a daily diary; (have an idea my iPad won’t be able to navigate the Ministry of the Airwaves, or whoever in Cuba control that).  So it will be back to basics, paper and pen.  I’m taking extra camera batteries and chips, voltage adaptor and probably going to throw in my extra little camera – just in case.  Oh yes, jeans and tennie runners – just the basics.  I have to leave room for the baseballs Rick Bosetti is giving me to share with the kids in Cuba.  Baseball is really big there as you know, and most of them only have sticks and rocks in place of bats and balls.

So watch for “the latest from Cuba” from your intrepid travelers, Jacque & Nancy.

Adios!!!  Oh yes, we promise not to drink the KoolAde, and Nancy will check the rubber raft for leaks before we head for home.

Oh yes – next on the list?  The Trans-Siberian Rail Way.  Financially it’s on the bottom of the bucket –but who knows – Miracles do happen – I’M GOING TO CUBA!!