Newport Beach

While I was growing up reading “Robinson Caruso” and Mark’s Twain’s “Innocents Abroad”, my sister Marlene had her nose buried in “Little House on the Prairie” and the like.

Our interests continued in the same vein, travel was/is in my blood, and she was busy learning how to make soap out of lye and ashes.

Recently, after whining, begging and threatening I was able to convince her to make a trip down to Newport Beach for our Uncle’s 90th birthday. You might get the idea she prefers travel by a slower mode of transportation (probably wagon train). She wasn’t too fond of flying out of Boise in the winter, and it really should have been a whole lot warmer in Orange County, but she had to admit she wouldn’t have missed it for the world.   The destination and activities make up for the inconvenience of flying every time.

We stayed in a little “upscale” (NOT) Inn  within walking distance of the pier and beach. It’s fortunate that we took advantage of that the first morning as the next 2 days were continuous visits with our cousins, (some we hadn’t seen since we were all teenagers). The patio Fiesta birthday party with friends, family and neighbors was very special for my Uncle Oscar , and for us to learn more about his many activities in the years we’ve been apart.

As uncomfortable as flying is today, the destination more than makes up for it.  There is nothing better than reuniting with family. We all grew up in Southern California, and it is such a treat going back, walking out the pier to smell that refreshing ocean breeze, watch surfers ride the waves and children running down the beach.  It’s easy to forget personal problems and scary world situations.  We all need more birthday parties and that wonderful ocean air.