She-Crab Soup, Lobster and Hostess Twinkies

While on a bus tour of the gardens in the southern states, we overnighted at a Holiday Inn outside Charleston.  Dinner that evening included “She Crab” soup.  Something I’d never even heard of.  It was absolutely outstanding, flavors I couldn’t describe if I tried.  Since we were flying home the following day, I asked the waitress if I could order a chilled quart to go.  I figured the flight attendants on American Airlines would keep it in their refrigerator for me (this was a LONG time ago when flight attendants were really happy to accommodate).  So anyway, I called the chef first thing in the morning to remind him– and he had. I boarded the flight and brought the chilled soup home with me.  Warmed it up and served it to Art that evening and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t raving.  In fact, he said it tasted like plain old potato soup.  I was crushed; I couldn’t figure it out, until I sampled it – they had forgotten to add the crab!!  I called, they apologized, and they sent a refund.  We’ll never forget the “She Crab” soup we almost had.

Lobster dinner Mexico was a real fiasco.  We were on a Mexican Riviera Cruise and waited anxiously every evening for lobster.  Toward the end of the cruise, we could get no confirmation from our waiter, so decided we would eat in port that evening – Lobster!  Well, we sat down, we ordered and we waited and waited and waited.  I thought the waiter had said “gracias” when he took the order – it must have been “manana” instead.  Knowing we had to be back aboard the ship we were really concerned, so after a confrontation with the matre’d we paid for our salad and left.  Boarding the boat we discovered they had served lobster that evening.  Woe is us!  We never forgot our “almost” lobster dinner.

Then of course there was the breakfast of Hostess Twinkies and beer in Hannibal Missouri.  Nancy #1 and I decided to jump ship one morning and have a real Southern breakfast in town.  We’d never been in Hannibal before and had no idea it was so small, and low and behold – nothing open except a mini-mart place where the only thing close to breakfast was Twinkies.  Nothing to wash them down since neither of us drank pop, so……we recognized some of the ship crew going into a local bar (this is 8 a.m. – in the morning!).  Well, when in Hannibal, do as the Hanniballians do – have beer with our Twinkies.  It was a great adventure. The crew thought we were crazy.