Mini Vacation in Ashland and Jacksonville, Oregon

Sometimes a mini vacation is just as relaxing as a major all-out event.  You spend much less time planning. Surely less packing, and a few hours getting there.

Friend Carol & I made a last-minute decision to drive up to Ashland to attend a play at the Cabaret Theater and do a little shopping.  There are many types of shops along the streets of downtown Ashland including “Shakespeare books & Antiques, LLC.” The place is a fascinating mix of books and estate items where we spent sometime perusing the unusual items.  Instead of arriving for an early dinner at the theatre as advertised, we decided to try the “Dragonfly Restaurant” patio right next door to the theater.  And so glad we did; we each ordered and shared appetizers and a half bottle of wine.  We thought the bill of about $35.00 was really a most reasonable price for a wonderful meal.  The show was great (as they usually are at the Cabaret).

The following morning we met up with granddaughter Kelly, daughter Shannon and new great-granddaughter, 3-month-old Paige.  After taking Harry & David’s by storm and purchasing items for a later picnic, we were on our way to historic Jacksonville for a little more shopping and sightseeing.  Shannon and Kelly didn’t quite know what to say when we informed them we were picnicking in the peaceful Jacksonville Historical Cemetery.  However, we found comfortable cement slabs in the shade of old oaks, and with background music from the Britt Concert driving up from down the hill, we had a lovely time.  And of course, went for a stroll, reading the tombstones and imagining the historical events surrounding the pioneers buried there.

Early Sunday morning we were on our way home, missing all the I-5 heavy traffic.  We have our goodies from Harry & David’s, new shoes and used books from Ashland, and our pictures to remind us of a great little mini-vacation.

If you go up, call the theater ahead of time, 541-488-2902 or check out their website  We stayed at the Best Western Windsor, just off I-5 at the first Ashland cutoff and found it affordable and comfortable, the best free breakfast (they included Quiche!) and a shuttle down to downtown to the theaters.