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    Mt. Shasta City – a breath of cool, fresh air! 

    I’ve zipped right past Mt. Shasta City I don’t know how many times on my way North, and it’s probably been 20 years since I’ve walked the streets (well, that didn’t come out right!) of the downtown area.

    I attended the wedding of my young friend Sarah King (now McGinnis) last week, and rather than drive home in the dark after the reception, I decided to stay the night and make a leisurely trip back to Redding after the light of day.

    The wedding was beautiful and the reception just a whole lot of fun.  It was a big gathering of cops and cowboys and their families.  Everyone having a very good time.

    I stayed at the Best Western Plus Tree House that evening, and will certainly make reservations there again.  Squeeky clean bathroom, good mattress, lots of towels, and the complimentary full breakfast was above and beyond the usual skimpy continental breakfasts’ available at other motel chains.  A very pleasant surprise! Brian Linsley, General Manager, is to be congratulated on the well run operation! Call them for reservations 530-926-3101.

    Mt. Shasta is a great little town for leisure shopping – lots of variety.  There were several small restaurants downtown, however the sandwich selection at one of the health food shops caught my eyes.  Nice crunchy brown bread with all veggie ingredients.  Including avocado, pesto, and tomatoes– all my favorites.

    It was just a short trip, my cats didn’t even have time to miss me, but a great place for a much-needed break from Redding heat!

    Congratulations Sarah & Eddie!

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    Adventurous, Curious, Outgoing, Adaptable: Traits of Good Travel Companions 

    I’ve been fortunate to travel with a great many people over the past umpteen years; travel agents on FAM (familiarization) trips, family from my first BIG trip at age three on the coal- driven “Challenger”, husband Art who was a great travel companion (once he got into the idea of “making plans subject to change”.   And then, there are all our good friends along for the ride.

    Charles, my friend from the 5th grade, until his passing just last year was a great addition.  Always willing to sign up before he even knew the details.  I’ve had his passport umber and credit card on hand for any years.  He, Nancy & I took a Mediterranean Cruise and had the time of our lives.  He always fit in with the group, whatever the group was at the time!  What a good travel buddy he was.

    Husband Art was open to any trip, anywhere, anytime (once he thought it over anyway).  I remember our very first trip – New Orleans where he found a cockroach in the bathroom sink.  Called the hotel desk, complained, was told “what, only one!”  I think that was the turning point, and from then on he was able to deal with the trials and tribulations of travel.

    I recently met up with Nancy (#1), one of my first travel companions from the ‘80’s, in Palm Springs.  Our first trip was aboard the Mississippi Queen.  We hadn’t been together for more than 20 years, but when we met this past year, it was as if it had all been yesterday.  How fortunate can one be to have friends like this?

    Nancy & I many years ago

    My high school girlfriends and I meet once a year in Palm Springs.  What a great time we have reliving old high school days, memorializing friends. Our group is getting smaller, and our time together more precious.

    Redding friends, Carol, Nancy (#2), MaryLou and I often get out-of-town with Andi and Elsie (previous Reddingites).  We’ve taken cruises, Amtrak, driving weekend trips and always have a great time.  We got lost in Branson, Missouri once, which might have strained the bonds of friendship, a tad, but good friends always sort things out.  We’ve made memories that are near and dear to our hearts.

    Meeting “friends of friends” can be a great experience also.  After all, your friends must be good judge of character!  My trip to the emerald Isle with Tom & Faye was enhanced by the presence of their friend Ron.  Who, of course, is now my friend Ron too.  Tom & Ron met in College. Tom and I met when he moved to Redding to take over as Editor to the Record Searchlight, and we’ve stayed close even if he is far away now.  We were able to renew our friendship in Ireland meeting Ron made it that much more special.

    Consider yourself very lucky if you and your friends experience the best of all in travel as I and my friends have.

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    I’m proud to be an American! 


    It’s September 11, 2011, ten years after the horrible attack on the United States.  I’m listening to the children reading the names of their lost parents, the ringing of the bells and newscasters recalling the devastating events.

    There is nothing I can offer, my words are weak, but I do feel deeply for our nation that lost so much that day.  I was moved to put up our beautiful American Flag this morning.  I live at the end of the street, and possibly I will be the only one to see that, but it doesn’t matter, it’s my one small effort to honor all those victims and families.

    My first sight of the Twin Towers was in 1986, soon after Art & I were married.  We were taking of walking tour of New York City with his son Dean.  I was overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of those towers. Never in my wildest thoughts did I imagine those towers could be brought down by terrorists –not in America!  Six years ago, friends and I took a bus tour of the city, where we saw this devastating sight of destruction where the towers once stood.  Now, I will be seeing New York again in a few months.  I will need to see the memorial that reminds us American’s are strong, resilient and never give up.

    So, my few words won’t make a difference to the events and memories, but again, it was important to me to fly our flag to remind me, if no one else, how lucky we are to be born in American, how fragile our safety is, and how strong we must be to secure our future. I am so very proud to be an American

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    Portugal Adventures and Misadventures 

    Our visit to Portugal started off with a bang and ended the same way.

    When we departed the plane, the local mechanics quickly surrounded one of engines, tools in hand.  The “clangy” sounds it was making gave us a small hint there might be a problem!

    Passing the time of day

    I’ll start in the countryside away from Lisbon where Art & I began our adventure by adding gasolina or gasoleo (I forget which) to our Volkswagen Polo.  Whatever it was, it was the wrong fuel.  We putted and sputtered our way from service station to service station, slowly replace the incorrect fuel with the correct. Going up hill, (and there are LOTS of hills in Portugal!) we backfired billows of black smoke into the windshields of large tour buses.  I don’t really want to know what they were saying as they followed this tiny, slow, veeerrrrry slow, VW up the hill.  Anyway, by the end of the trip we had finally replaced all the correct fuel so the car was no longer a menace on the roadways.  We turned the Polo  in still running, and felt very fortunate when we sneaked out of the country without having to replace an engine.

    We did have some great experiences in the small villages; the people were friendly, especially out in the countryside and up the mountains.  Art spent a whole morning talking to an old fellow who was doing cement work in a church cemetery.  Turns out the old guy couldn’t speak or understand English, and of course the same goes for Art (Portuguese).  But they had a fine visit because both were professionals when it came to laying brick.

    We stayed mostly in the Pousadas (historic and charming inns) and thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance.  When in Portugal one does not stay at the chain hotels.

    The meals in Portugal were simple, and wonderful.  Their wines aren’t aged all that much, but are the perfect complement with fried fish, fresh-baked bread and home churned butter.  Add just picked tomatoes and cucumbers, one can’t ask for more than that.

    Oh yes, our trip ended with a dash to the airport.  We were supposed to return the car to a location in central Lisbon.  Well, the signs were not uniformly displayed, the traffic was awful and we got lost.  At the spur of the moment I recognized a hotel where the car company had a desk.  We dashed in, threw them the keys, grabbed a cab and got to the airport on time – to find the same plane with the “clangy” engine waiting for us!

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