Adventurous, Curious, Outgoing, Adaptable: Traits of Good Travel Companions

I’ve been fortunate to travel with a great many people over the past umpteen years; travel agents on FAM (familiarization) trips, family from my first BIG trip at age three on the coal- driven “Challenger”, husband Art who was a great travel companion (once he got into the idea of “making plans subject to change”.   And then, there are all our good friends along for the ride.

Charles, my friend from the 5th grade, until his passing just last year was a great addition.  Always willing to sign up before he even knew the details.  I’ve had his passport umber and credit card on hand for any years.  He, Nancy & I took a Mediterranean Cruise and had the time of our lives.  He always fit in with the group, whatever the group was at the time!  What a good travel buddy he was.

Husband Art was open to any trip, anywhere, anytime (once he thought it over anyway).  I remember our very first trip – New Orleans where he found a cockroach in the bathroom sink.  Called the hotel desk, complained, was told “what, only one!”  I think that was the turning point, and from then on he was able to deal with the trials and tribulations of travel.

I recently met up with Nancy (#1), one of my first travel companions from the ‘80’s, in Palm Springs.  Our first trip was aboard the Mississippi Queen.  We hadn’t been together for more than 20 years, but when we met this past year, it was as if it had all been yesterday.  How fortunate can one be to have friends like this?

Nancy & I many years ago

My high school girlfriends and I meet once a year in Palm Springs.  What a great time we have reliving old high school days, memorializing friends. Our group is getting smaller, and our time together more precious.

Redding friends, Carol, Nancy (#2), MaryLou and I often get out-of-town with Andi and Elsie (previous Reddingites).  We’ve taken cruises, Amtrak, driving weekend trips and always have a great time.  We got lost in Branson, Missouri once, which might have strained the bonds of friendship, a tad, but good friends always sort things out.  We’ve made memories that are near and dear to our hearts.

Meeting “friends of friends” can be a great experience also.  After all, your friends must be good judge of character!  My trip to the emerald Isle with Tom & Faye was enhanced by the presence of their friend Ron.  Who, of course, is now my friend Ron too.  Tom & Ron met in College. Tom and I met when he moved to Redding to take over as Editor to the Record Searchlight, and we’ve stayed close even if he is far away now.  We were able to renew our friendship in Ireland meeting Ron made it that much more special.

Consider yourself very lucky if you and your friends experience the best of all in travel as I and my friends have.