Times a’wastin

There’s never enough time for …….. whatever.  You know, that isn’t necessarily true.  The airline people have solved your problem.  You now have lots of time wandering around airport terminals waiting for your delayed and cancelled flights.

It is time found, not time lost. I can name at least ten things you can do without even stressing my brain a whole lot.  How about gift shopping, or picking out the perfect greeting cards (doesn’t matter if you don’t have recipients in mind right now – it will happen). You can get a massage or a shoeshine.  The kiosks are in almost every airport.  Then there is always reading; a book, a how-to manual.   Do cross word puzzles and Sudoku (supposed to do wonders for your aging brain).  How about catching up on phone calls saving lots of time when you get home – too bad you can’t do your laundry the same way!).  Make out a grocery list for when you shopping at home.  Oh yes, fingernails – they always need attention after struggling with your suitcase.  Load apps on your iPad and read the “how-to” app (finally). I actually plan on doing that this upcoming trip  – I can never seem to find the time at home.

I didn’t count, but I’ll bet it’s more than 10.

I remember the time Nancy and I took the Skylink around all the terminals in DFW (Dallas) where we had a very long layover.  The scenery was great; we jumped off at each terminal and checked out all the shops and restaurants.

When you’re wasting time in Denver International Airport, look around for “Colombo’s” the worlds best frozen Yogurt In my opinion.  In fact, for shopping and dining you can do lots worse than be stuck in DIA.

And when all else fails, you’re exhaused from rising 4 a.m in Redding,  sitting in a closed airport (Branson, Missouri) at 11 p.m., waiting for a friend’s late arrival.  You get out the tiny deck of cards, any snacks you can round-up between the two of you, search the bottom of your purse for leftover peanuts and stale pretzels, washed down with a trickle of warm water from the one water fountain in the lobby.

And the point is, there is nothing to be gained by grumbling (no one cares), and it certainly doesn’t help your attitude.  Make use of your time!

Let me know what you do with your time while you wait!

Nancy after a very long day!