Beautiful Bali

I’m often asked my memorable trip.  It’s really difficult to say, as I have many terrific memories about almost every place I’ve visited.

One of the most beautiful sights was the beach in Bali where the local people were celebrating their New Year.  We could hear the groups of people chanting as they walked down the narrow street into the little village where we were staying.  They were coming from villages all over the area, chanting and waving brightly painted umbrellas and banners.

People of all ages congregated along the surf; all in exquisitely embroidered clothing, bringing their ducks to “sacrifice” to their gods.  Actually, they only pretended to sacrifice, they turned their backs, rescued the ducks for another time and returned them to the safety of the beach.

The big puffy clouds over the ocean were the most beautiful I’ve seen anywhere.  I would love to return to Bali, but afraid that maybe it isn’t the same unspoiled place it was then.