Refreshing Olympic Peninsula

Cool morning walk through the trees

This was a first for me – being in one of the most peaceful, coolest green places in the United States, and so sick I could hardly enjoy it.  My hosts were so understanding, and tried hard to make me comfortable.

Stu – my kindergarten friend and his wife Sheila moved up to the area when they retired from the California Education System, University of Riverside.

Both well versed in horticulture, biology and botany, there wasn’t a question I asked they didn’t know the answer.

They took me up to Hurricane Ridge for the panoramic view of Mountains, wildflowers and Canada.  On the way home we stopped at Crescent Lake Resort for crab cakes and local beer. The following day we drove to Port Townsend for lunch and window-shopping.  On the way back home we pulled over to snap a picture of the Port Wilson Lighthouse with Mt. Bakers in the background.  Everyday just seemed to be more perfect.

We took Punkin’ (their sweet collie-like dog) for a walk thru the Robin Hill Demonstration Farm’s tall trees and ferns.  Another time we took a foggy morning walk on the peninsula, picking up rocks and watching the children build rock towers.  It was absolute heaven!

It was all so beautiful, and I felt so miserable.  I will have to return (if they dare have me again).  Please add this unique and unspoiled area to your “must see” list. There was an upside however, their aloof kitty Sunny ignored me for 2 full days, and then allowed me the pleasure of petting him just before I left for home.  I felt so honored.  Cats are like that!

I’m fine now, just one of those un-named things that hit when you least expect it. I’m looking forward to another trip to this special beautiful spot in Washington State in the future.

If you like the outdoors, water, trees, fresh air, and tired of Redding heat, plan a trip to the Olympic Peninsula – I wish I had years ago!

Port Wilson Lighthouse