State of Liberty

Sometimes it’s easy to be discouraged when one sees and hears so much negativity.  And, sometimes the positive just comes through all that anyway.

Such was our one-day spent in New York City before our journey up the Hudson River.

Yes, we saw the protestors; but the weather was beautiful and the other sites we encountered off-set the negative.

The tour of the city aboard one of the double-decker buses (the weather was perfect!) allowed us to see the activity of people going about business and enjoying life.  The sight of the new Freedom Tower  going up at “Ground Zero”was healing.  The number of recreation boats circling the State of Liberty reminded us of the liberties American citizens have to enjoy ourselves in sight of such an icon of liberty.

And best of all, for me anyway, was the recurring view of the Chrysler Building as we navigated the streets of New York.  I think the architecture is so striking.  Art Deco stands out as one of the outcomes of a very tough time – the great Depression of the 29 & 30’s.  It’s still standing and gives me a thrill whenever I see it.

So – a good day in New York City, a great day for all of us!