Travel Tips from Alaska Airlines

I printed out my boarding pass the day before flying with Alaska Airlines to Seattle.  I was surprised when my printer kept chucking out page after page of

“stuff”.  Actually it turned out to be pretty important travel information.  I’ve condensed it here and deleted the advertising .

So,…on this Alaska website there was the Seattle weather forecast for the following week, a SeaTac Airport Directory of restaurants, shops for all terminals, concourses North and South satellites, and great directions for ground transportation – buses, taxi’s Link Light Rail. The information was pretty specific as to rates, schedules and locations.

There was information about transportation options including the Link Light Rail Station to downtown. Light Link is only $2.50 to downtown whereas you could pay about $25.00 for a taxi. Seemed the way to go comparing the cost for a taxi.  Probably faster too.

There was a packing checklist, Seattle District Guides, information about the waterfront, Seattle Center and University district. All of that, and three pages of Sudoku to help you while away the time.

Way to go Alaska Airlines!!