CUBA – again

"Bacardi and the Long Fight for Cuba"

The trip has been on, then off, then on again.  Travel is never easy, and one must be able to make changes at a moments notice.

Nancy and I were really excited when we booked the November trip, and then crushed when we heard they couldn’t get their legal documents in order.

However, all is well.  And better than ever.  After having our original trip cancelled (and refunded in full by the way), National Geographic opened up several trips for 2012.   The itinerary is more complete and seems to be better organized.  And most of all, they have U.S. approval for the trips.  All the dates sold out immediately, but since we learned of it so early when I dropped by Avanti Travel, we were able to book and be confirmed immediately.

So, all is well, we will be on our way in a few months, and you’ll be hearing lots (and seeing lots of pictures) about our Cuba adventure.  Our book club is reading several books on Cuban history and politics, so we’ll be spending one meeting sharing our books and experiences after I return.  Maybe I should bring back a bottle of Cuban Rum, and mix Cuba Libra’s for the group?  I’d bring them Cuban cigars except I wouldn’t be able to get them past customs.

There is a new movie coming out soon “Havana Nocturne” I’m looking forward to seeing.  It’s about the mob’s (Meyer Lansky, et. all) influence in Cuba.

If you’d like to read up on Cuba, check out “Bacardi, and the Long fight for Cuba”, “Cuba Diaries:  An American Housewife in Havana”: and many other books covering a wide spectrum of history and politics.  If you’d like a detailed information how to destroy an economy, and build a socialist country, you’ll never have a better example than Castro’s Cuba.

Stay tuned (as they used to say on the radio in “olden days”) for “Today’s Cuba”!