When I think of Argentina, I think of color, music, action and the best meat I’ve ever tasted anywhere!

I’ve seen many “folkloric” shows around the world; most choreographed and canned for the tourist.  But the Tango show in Buenos Aires was a perfect work of art.  Several couples in different styles of costume demonstrated the many styles of the Tango.  It was unforgettable. If you ever go to Rio, taking in a Tango show is surely a must!

Feeling the power and thunder of the falls as I was walking the boardwalk under  Iguassu Falls in Argentina and Brazil was one of the most unforgettable travel experience.  The falls are so immense; cover so much area and carry such a great amount of water.  Niagara Falls just doesn’t compare.  We were soaking wet at the end of the day, even wearing raincoats.  The blowing spray was impossible to escape, and we didn’t even care as we boarded the little 16-passenger airplane back to our hotel, squishy shoes and all. It was an exhilarating experience.

South America has so much to offer to the traveler; there is always something new and exciting to expeience.  The day spent at one of the working estancias was incredible.  The gauchos (cowboys) put on a great show for us.  There must be something about cowboys – they love to show off, and they were all so good at it.  Most of these gauc;hos had been working for this same family most of their lives .  After watching the rounding up of cattle with working dogs and horses, they put on a great barbeque for us.  It was really an amazing day, and one that is still fresh in my mind.

A few years after this, Art , his son Dean and other hunting friends went on a Dove shooting week on the pampas of Argentina.  Besides the shooting expeirence, it is vital that the dove population be kept down as are so prolific and eata all the grain grown for the cattle.  So, the guys had a great time shoortig, and the estancias were happy to have more crops dove free.  However, I could not belive these men went down to ths beautifiul ountry and didn’t take the time for a Tango show or the falls.