Our BIG adventure is coming up fast.

I’ve submitted all my passport information for the special visa and now I’m working on a “People –to-People Information Form” from National Geographic.

As the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has granted National Geographic a specific license for our trip to Cuba to meet with Cubans and exchange ideas and perspectives.  (I’m quoting this directly)  “This kind of program entails a full schedule of encounters where all travelers are asked to take an active part in representing the U.S. and imparting relevant knowledge of our own country while in Cuba, while learning from Cubans directly.”

The form I’m filling out asks (among many things) if I’ve managed or owned a business, had experience in historic preservation or construction, played a roll in my religious community, read Hemingway’s books and would I like to read a passage that I find particularly meaningful, experience in conservation, knowledge of botany, knowledge of horses (!?), knowledgeable in U.S.-Cuba relations and history, experience in community engagement through the arts, music or other initiatives.

I checked off a couple – such as managing a business (travel), knowledgeable, but not well versed in U.S.-Cuba relations, and for community engagement I noted my stints on Redding Tourism Commission and Redevelopment Commission (some years ago).

So it’s looking like we’ll be spending quite a bit of time exchanging ideas, and that will be fine.  At least I’m finally getting to Cuba!  As far as I have time for photography and enjoying the historical downtown architecture, and the seaside areas I will be happy.

More to come……