Goodbye Zoe 

Zoe plays Solitaire

Getting out my suitcases the other day for packing decisions, I realized something was missing.  It was Zoe, my little brown Abyssinian kitty.  She knew when the suitcase came out; it meant I would be leaving her for a while.

It was difficult to neatly arrange my clothing, when she was so insistent on re-arranging them when I turned my back. If I forgot to close the suitcase, she would make her bed there for the night.

I missed Zoe that day, and I miss her everyday.  She was 15, which is pretty old in kitty years, but not ancient.  She went fast, which is a blessing for both of us, but that doesn’t mean she is forgotten.

Abby’s have a distinctive, very sweet personality.  She was definitely “MY” kitty.

Zoe didn’t like to cuddle (except on a cold night) but she was a touching, patting and kissing kitty.  If I did not wake at a time to suit her, she would hop up on the bed, pat my closed eyes, then my nose, then press her paw right on my lips.  If that didn’t work, I got a fast kitty kiss, and when all else failed, she would nuzzle into my hair and put a strand out with her teeth.  She knew she had me then!

She wanted to be near me always, but especially if I was spending more time at the computer; than she thought necessary.  She would sit to the left of the keyboard; reach over and very quickly hit a key.  When I admonished her, she would draw back her paw, and when she thought I wasn’t looking would reach over and hit a key again.  Her way of getting attention!

She was so funny.  When I brought in the laundry from the clothesline, she would jump in the middle of the basket, pick out my undies, and dash down the hall with it in her mouth, dragging under her body, between her legs.  I’m surprised she didn’t trip.  It was her favorite trick.

She had a favorite pink and purple fuzzy toy.  She would bring it from one end of the house to another to find me and present it.  Meowing all the way at the top of her voice.  Art said when I was gone, he would hear her bringing to the front door and stand there meowing, and at bed time hauling it back to the other end of the house to my bed.  It was worn and ragged, restitched many times until it was just a wad of purple/pink fuzz.  Its still around, I can’t bring myself to get rid of it.

Zoe was a sweetie, she didn’t meow, she “mmmmmmmm”d.  Funny kitty.

I’ll miss her little brown kitty fur in my suitcase, and I’ll miss her at the door when I return.