Tres Dia

We have a busy day ahead – after our usually sumptuous breakfast, champagne included.  I could get used to this!


Off to a visit to Casa del Habana where we meet with cigar experts, learning the history as well as the correct way to prepare, light and smoke a cigar. They give us complimentary cigars (which I give to our door man Elizear).  After being property initiated in Cigar smoking, we hop back on our bus, drive through the elite Miramar neighborhood of diplomat homes, and then on to Museo del Ron (that’s right – “ron,” not rum but meaning the same).

The many generational company “Bacardi” left the business they had built up over the years, and moved the corporation to New York City, and continued business in Puerto Rico and Mexico.  Havana Ron took over and now is a public run corporation in Cuba.  We sampled their product, took pictures of a miniature diorama of the Ron factory.  They didn’t give our samples, but did serve Mojitos.  I buy a bottle of “Bacardi” Rum when I get back to Redding.  I’ll be serving Mojitos to toast Bacardi and loyal Cubans at our Book Club “Cuba” event.

After lunch (more beans and rice), fish & salad – all served beautifully. we are on our way to Hemmingway’s hilltop home, Finca Vigia  on the outskirts of Havana.  Not a whole lot to see there, and not even one of his multi-toed cats still hanging around.

I purchased a couple of block prints (Customs surely will consider them “art” depicting a couple Hemmingway’s books.