Havana Sights

We visited the Colon (Columbus) Cemetery and took pictures of the elaborately sculptured memorials. The Memorial to the Bombaderos (Firefighters) was beautiful and impressive.  18 firemen died in the 1800’s when they entered a building they did not know was full of explosives.

On to a totally different experience to the Callejon de Hamel, an outdoor multimedia art space know for its murals, and then after another lunch of beans and rice, etc, we headed to Jaimanitas to visit the home and workshop of ceramic artist Jose Fuster.  As a kitty lover, I was delighted to see a black and white “home” kitty.  He/she had obviously been hurt at one time and would not let me get closer than a few inches

We saw many “street” dogs in Cuba, and very few kitties.  I didn’t ask why, I thought  rather not know.

I purchased an American language Cuban newspaper “Granma” today from the two ladies outside our Hotel door.  Tonia & Melia were my immediate best friends.  I also gave them the many hotel soaps and shampoos I had brought from home.  They will use them to barter for other items they need.  I admired their tenacity to sell these newspapers on the street day after day.

Melia, Tonia and Tourist