Cuatro Dia

We’re off this morning via our trusty bus to explore a sustainable rural community, the Bio-Reserve “Las Terrazas”.   A re-foresting project after terracing the hillsides and moving people into individual homes on the government owned property.

It has been planted with natural plants to the area.  The homes look very clean and well cared for.  The children look happy, and the chickens have the run of the place.  A man-made lake is visible and it is an impressive feat.  Of course, it is one small area, with a very small percentage of the population benefiting.

We stop off at a government run school in the area.  The kids are clean, happy and playing some game of their own making.  We peek into the open doors of the classrooms.  Again a very small percentage of the children in comparison with the total population.

Did I mention we all must keep a daily log of our activities and interaction with Cubans?  We are told we must keep it on hand for 5 years as the IRS could question us is we actually had social contact as the special permit demands.  We have, we do, and we will.