It’s our last two days in Havana; we meet with 3 Cuban Economists from the Union of Cuban Jurists.  Was a real eye-opener.  From my point of view, they were mostly interested in getting our support to lift the Embargo, and when asked what they liked best about the United States – the answer “nothing”…that’s what she said!

However, we left Cuba on a real high note.  We visited the restaurant/cabaret where the Buena Vista Social Club was entertaining.   What a hoot!  Some were original musicians, but could still sing, play and entertain.

Dancing with the music!

I absolutely loved the trip, enjoyed talking to people on the streets.  Noticed a lot of poverty and (once beautiful) shabby buildings.  I would love to return in about five years to see (hopefully) improvements.  Cuba is a country rich in minerals and very attractive to the Chinese who are investing.  Personally, I cannot vouch for their health care system, I do see that tourism their only economy, and more than ever I believe Socialism does not create growth.  Their enormous 50-year old roadside signs “Socialism or Muerte” should read Socialism is Death.